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Our web design services include regular software updates, backups, maintenance & support to keep your website running smoothly, safely & securely

Wordpress website care

Over a third of all the websites on the internet run on WordPress, so like around 43% of websites, we use WordPress as the Content Management System (CMS) at the back-end of your website. This allows us to add features and functionality quickly when you need them. It also allows us to set up accounts so your team can manage your blog posts or eCommerce products in-house.
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Website care & maintenance

WordPress is great and becoming an industry standard for good reason. But technology is changing all the time and hackers are always looking for vulnerabilities in outdated code, that they can exploit to gain access to your customers' financial information.

Regular software updates are required to stay ahead of this threat. Hackers use automated software to look for these vulnerabilities and test thousands of username and password combinations in their sleep, so it's really important to update software as soon as an update becomes available. We then need to check the website for any incompatibility issues with other software and resolve these issues when they occur.

DISCLAIMER!!! We can't guarantee that your website will be impenetrable and never get hacked into. We can only do the work each day to try to stay ahead of them. However...
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Regular website back-ups  

If something goes wrong during a software update or you get hacked, it's important to have a recent backup of your website that we can use to get you back up and running and back in business quickly. If your website content doesn't get updated regularly or change much over time, then a weekly backup might be all that's required, but if you run a blog/news/magazine type website or an online shop, where the site content is updated every day, then you might need your website to be saved to a back up hourly. We'll ensure there's always a recent backup available so you're not in danger of losing much of your work if the worst happens.
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Website care & support


As your business grows and develops, we understand that your requirements may change over time. You might want changes to the website as you go along. There'll also be times that you go to use a feature that your website already has and won't know how to use it because you don't use it often enough to know your way around it yet. Not a problem. We'll always be available during business hours for you to contact us by email via this website for any help you need. 
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Our web design packages include regular maintenance to keep it running smoothly, safely & securely with daily maintenance tasks





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