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Web Design, Hertfordshire

Here at Bigwheel Web Design Hertfordshire, we understand that your website is your opportunity to showcase your business, to make a statement and to give your next customer the confidence to give you their money! It's not just for decoration and it shouldn't be left unmanaged and unmaintained, getting more and outdated as the years go by. Your website should serve a purpose and drive sales!

It might also be the solution to some of the operational issues you find yourself coming up against... are people constantly phoning and emailing you with the same questions? Well then write out the answers and we'll whack them bad boys up on your website in a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section! 


Are you stuck for content to post on your social media pages? Sick of posting other people's content that just takes your potential clients to their websites? Why don't you blog it up? (Buttercup baby we won't let you down). Each new blog post is a new thing to post on your socials, a new opportunity to show up near the top of some Google search results and most importantly, it's a new opportunity to connect with your audience and to provide the sort of insights that they're actually looking for! This is called 'inbound marketing' - when instead of chasing clients with cold-calls and emails, you provide helpful content to build an audience and build trust so that people will come to you. We can even get professional copy writers to research your industry and write the blog content for you with our blog writing service!

Ecommerce Shop

Do you think it's absolutely outrageous that you should actually have to be awake to shift your gear and make some money? We are inclined to agree! So why not get an eCommerce shop website, let us optimise the sweet heck out of it for search engine performance, and start raking in Ps while you're catching some Zs!?
eCommerce Web Design. Image depicts man sleeping while an arm hands him a bag of money
Take orders or bookings in your sleep with an eCommerce website 
Bigwheel Web Design is based in North Hertfordshire and covers London, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire and beyond! Why not get in touch today to start your journey with us?

Technical Stuff

Device Independent

Responsive web design makes your web site look great on any size screen, whether its a desktop, laptop, tablet or phone. If you're working on a desktop or laptop computer right now, try changing the width of your browser window to see how this website can squeeze itself in anywhere like a sneaky octopus!

Sneaky octopus with different sized devices

Fast & Secure

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) makes your website more secure and protects it from Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attacks! It also makes your website load faster.

Oh and we also throw in your SSL certificate for free! That means the green padlock symbol will appear in the address bar, giving your site users the peace of mind that your website is authentic and trustworthy. 


Your domain name, hosting, regular backups and maintenance updates are included in one monthly payment so everything is managed in the same place by the same person, and you only have one thing to keep track of.

We'll also send you a report each month to let you know about your site's Google Analytics performance, software updates and backups we've done, and any extra custom work you've requested that month. If you have an eCommerce shop website we can also include the latest orders you've received. 


When you visit a website, how often do you look at the privacy policy or the terms & conditions? Those pop up boxes asking you to agree to the use of cookies every time you visit a website are a bit annoying, but did you know that they're actually a legal requirement for most websites?

Have a look next time you visit a local business website. Does your local mechanic's website have a page that explains what cookies are used and why? When you buy stock from your suppliers online, does their website have a section that explains their terms & conditions and returns policy? If not, then these websites are not compliant, meaning they are breaking the law!

While we can make no legal guarantees, in that our services are not a substitute for getting actual legal advice, we use legal document templates created by lawyers, filled out with our technical expertise, and included in your quote so there are no hidden costs!


Much like running a physical premises in the real world, business owners have a responsibility to make their business accessible to all! While we always have a target audience in mind when marketing a product or service, we have to be aware that some people in our target audience might use screen readers to browse the internet because they can't read it by sight. This means that the sections need to be well organised and images labelled with alt tags that screen readers can read to explain what they are. Using alt tags means that all users can appreciate the content on your website, regardless of visual ability.

It's also important to think about contrast - if the colour of your text is only easy for some people to make out from the colour of the background, then your website is not accessible to everyone... but we think about that so you don't have to!