5 Ways Google Advertising Can Get Your Phone Ringing and Help Boost Your Sales

Published: 2 March 2023
Updated: 11 September 2023
Joe Ferris

Do you want to generate leads and enhance revenue for your company? Are you frustrated with spending money on advertising that doesn't appear to be working? Call-only PPC Google advertising is one efficient approach to investigate. 

What is call-only PPC Google Advertising?

Call-only PPC Google Ads are a type of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising that only allows users to call your business directly from the ad. These ads are designed to appear on mobile devices, and they typically feature a prominent "Call" button that makes it easy for potential customers to reach out to you. 

Why should you consider call-only PPC ads?

There are various reasons why Call-only PPC Advertising can be an excellent method to increase sales and generate leads for your company. Here are a few examples: 

  1. They're highly targeted: With Call-only PPC Advertising, you may target certain keywords and demographics to reach those who are most likely to be interested in your products or services. 
  2. They're simple to use: Call-only PPC Advertisements eliminate the requirement for people to visit your website or fill out a form. All they have to do is click the "Call" button to be connected to your business. 
  3. They're cost-effective: Because you only pay for the ad when someone clicks on it. 
  4. They’re quantifiable: Google Advertising has complete metrics and tracking, allowing you to know exactly how well your advertisements are doing and make any necessary changes to improve their performance. 

How can call-only Google Advertising get your phone ringing help boost your sales?

There are several ways that Call-only PPC Ads can help boost your sales, including:  

  1. Mobile Optimisation: More and more people are using their smartphones to search for businesses and Call-only PPC is optimised for mobile devices. When someone clicks on your ad from their smartphone, they will be able to call your business directly, making it easy for them to connect with you.  
  2. Increased visibility: By placing your ad in front of potential customers who are actively searching for products or services like yours on their smartphone, Call-only PPC Ads can help increase the visibility of your business. When someone searches for a business like yours, your ad will appear at the top of the search results, helping you stand out from your competition and attract more potential customers.  
  3. Increased conversions: With PPC Advertising, you're only paying for results, so you can expect a higher conversion rate compared to other forms of advertising.  
  4. Increased ROI: Because Call-only PPC Ads are highly targeted and cost-effective, you can expect a higher return on investment compared to other forms of advertising.  
  5. Measurable Results: One of the great things about PPC advertising is that it is easy to track and measure your results. With Call-only PPC, you can see exactly how many calls you are receiving from your ads and track the conversion rate of those calls into sales. This allows you to optimise your campaigns as they go along, to ensure that you are getting the best possible return on your investment. 

How to get started with call-only PPC ads

Before you start using call-only PPC advertising to increase your sales, there's a few things you'll need to do: 

  1. Establish your campaign's budget and create specific targets. 
  2. Do keyword research to determine the most relevant terms for your company and target audience. 
  3. Create compelling ad copy and eye-catching ad graphics. 
  4. Employ tracking and analytics to evaluate the effectiveness of your advertisements. 
  5. To reach your objectives, you must constantly review and optimise your marketing. 

In today's digital age, it's more important than ever for businesses to have an online presence. While there are many ways to advertise your business online, one of the most effective methods is through pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. PPC allows you to target specific keywords and demographics, ensuring that your ads are being seen by the right people at the right time.  

As the name suggests, call-only PPC ads are designed specifically to generate phone calls to your business.   

In conclusion

Call-only PPC ads are a powerful tool for businesses looking to increase phone inquiries and drive sales. By increasing your visibility and targeting people who are ready to take the next step and make a call, you can boost your sales and grow your business. By using call-only Pay-Per-Click Google Ads, businesses can also take advantage of the detailed tracking and reporting offered by Google, allowing them to see the ROI of their ad spend and make data-driven decisions about their advertising efforts.  

If you're ready to give call-only PPC Advertising on Google a try but you’re still not really sure where to start, consider signing up for our professionally managed call-only PPC service. For just £500 per month, our team of Google Ads Certified paid traffic experts will set up and manage your call-only PPC campaign, ensuring that your ads are targeted to the right audience and delivering the best possible results. With our help, you can drive more phone calls, get more business, and take your sales to the next level! 

Get your phone ringing!

£500 investment per month

Your Google-certified paid traffic expert will talk to you about your business and your goals. They'll then come up with a custom strategy and manage your ad campaigns to get the best bang for your budget!
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