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Manually created local business directory listings & citation building
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Local Business Listing Citations

Business directory and citation building refers to creating listings and verifiable references for a business on relevant directory and aggregator sites. These citations signal to search engines like Google that a local business exists and is reputable.

Our local business listings are designed to help businesses rank better in search engine results. They use data from hundreds of thousands of high-ranking pages to create campaigns for your business. Clear, transparent reporting is provided, and the profiles we create are yours. We'll give you the logins. An audit is performed to determine what needs to be fixed, and robust citations are created to show search engines like Google that your business is serious.

Citation Building

Local directory citations play a crucial role in local SEO, and our team provides careful, manual submissions to ensure that your business is listed in the best directories for your niche and market. We use three different strategies to determine which directories to submit to for each client, including ego directories, competitor directories, and competitor review directories.

Unlike other services that provide a standard list of directories, we tailor each campaign based on our strategies and your specific needs. We claim all the most important directories where possible and provide detailed instructions for verifying any others that require phone calls or other methods.

Our team delivers a transparent report that includes all login information. We'll perform two rounds of manual outreach to create citations, and if any citations do not respond to our outreach, we provide email logins so that you can continue the creation process.

Our manual submissions follow ethical guidelines - we create accurate, transparent listings on high-quality directories relevant to your business. There is no manipulation or "spammy" techniques involved.

Choose our directory citation building service to boost your local SEO and help your business succeed.

Cartoon-style website on a green background, with a magnifying glass over the 'chain' icon, symbolising a hyperlink.
Rich Media and Social Media Citations represented by 3D cartoon-style blocks of the Flickr, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter logos.

Rich Media/Social Citations

Anyone can do directory submissions, but we make sure they are special. We create videos and photos with music, pictures, and text and add special information to them like geo-meta data. We submit these to top video and image hosting sources, creating powerful links and citations. We also use social citations, which are special mentions on social media sites, to make sure you get ahead of the competition.

Business Listing Citations Audit

Before we kickstart any Local SEO campaign, we must make sure to conduct a full business listing audit for £75. This means that we look carefully at different pieces of information to make sure they are accurate.

We will go through and make a list of the right and wrong pieces of information, so we don't make any mistakes. After this, we will provide a report that tells you exactly where you stand. It will show variations of your business profile, correct citations, incorrect citations, and aggregator citations. 

This report also has a plan to fix any mistakes that we may have found. We can also do the citation clean-up for you, for £600. See pricing below.

3D person looking through a magnifying glass. Citation Audit.
3D figure of a person sweeping up some dust. Citation Cleanup.

Citation Clean-up Service

After taking a look at thousands of Local SEO Campaigns, we've noticed the same issue: incorrect or inconsistent citations are the main thing preventing you from getting the best results in local searches. According to David Mihms from SEOMoz, this is the third most important reason for poor rankings (

This could be because of changes such as a new address, phone number, or name. Also, websites that list your business may show the wrong information. All of this can cause big problems and stop you from appearing high in the rankings. Each citation you have is like a vote for your business, and if these votes are scattered between different combinations of information, you won't have enough to gain a higher ranking. We can help you fix this!

Fixing these issues can be difficult. Every citation source is different and it requires a lot of work to contact each site to make sure the information is right. That is why we created our Local Citation Clean-Up Service. Our team of experts will take care of everything. They will look at your business, find incorrect information, contact the sites and make sure the citation issues are fixed. At the end, they will give you a report. If the sites don't answer the outreach, we will give you the email logins we created so you can continue the process. We do this to make sure you can do well and beat your competitors.

Citation Building

Citation Audit

Complete citation audit
NAP Variations Check
Existing Correct Citations
Incorrect Citations

Citation Cleanup

Audit Included
Discover Incorrect Information
Receive a Detailed, Comprehensive Report
2 Rounds of Manual Outreach to Fix Issues

Citation Building

30 Local Directory Citations
5 Photos x 3 Photo Sharing Sites
Social Media

Citation Building

30 Local Directory Citations
10 Photos x3 Photo Sharing Sites
5 Videos  on Video Sharing Sites
Social Media

Citation Building

50 Local Directory Citations
10 Photos x 5 Photo Sharing Sites
5 Videos x5 Video Sharing Sites
5 Social Media Submissions

Citation Building

90 Local Directory Citations
10 Photos x 10 Photo Sharing Sites
5 Videos x10 Vid Sharing Sites
15 Social Media Submissions
Prices subject to change.
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you guarantee that this will help with my SEO?

No. No one can guarantee SEO results. However, our SEO experts make data-backed, strategic decisions.

2. How long does it take to see results from citation building?

Building directory citations for a website can take time, but eventually, it can lead to better search engine rankings if done correctly. How long this takes depends on the competitiveness of the industry and the quality of the links. It could be several weeks or months before you start to see results.

3. Is citation building considered a safe and ethical SEO practice?

When done properly, citation building is considered a safe and ethical SEO practise. We create listings on relevant directories manually to provide accurate business information. The directories are selected based on authority, relevance, and quality. We avoid any techniques like duplicating listings or submitting to irrelevant directories simply to inflate citation counts. The goal is to showcase your business legitimacy across authentic directories.

4. How long does it take to see results from a citation campaign?

It can take 2-3 months for newly created citations to be indexed and reflected in search engine results. Maximum visibility is often achieved 6-12 months after completing a campaign. Rankings/traffic continue improving as citations age and authority builds. We deliver reports to track progress.

5. What if my business details change during a campaign?

If your business details change like address, phone number, etc, you'll need a citation clean up to update your new details across active citation listings. Keeping data consistent is key for maximising the benefits.

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