Google Business Sites End Soon: Switch to Our £24/mo Website Solution

Published: 2 February 2024
Joe Ferris

As Google phases out its free and web pages from Google Business Profiles by March 2024, businesses face a pivotal moment. The transition period until June 2024, where these sites redirect to the Business Profile, is a temporary measure, leading to a potential void in online visibility thereafter. Recognising this gap, we present a streamlined, cost-effective solution to sustain and enhance your digital footprint.

Understanding the Change

Google’s initiative to discontinue free websites for businesses underscores a shift towards more integrated, profile-based online visibility. While this change simplifies Google’s offerings, it poses challenges for businesses accustomed to leveraging these sites for customer engagement and outreach.

Our Offering: A Direct, Hassle-Free Solution

In response, we introduce a straightforward service: for £24 per month, we’ll create a landing page that mirrors the essential aspects of your Google Business Site. Our approach is simple yet effective—offering a single template design that aligns closely with the aesthetics and functionality of Google’s Business Profile pages, ensuring a familiar yet refreshed online presence for your business.

Service Highlights

  • One-Page Template Design: A clean, user-friendly template that captures the essence of your business, modeled after the Google Business Site layout.
  • Content Migration: We seamlessly transfer the details from your Google Business website to the new landing page, ensuring continuity in your online messaging.
  • No Frills, Just Efficiency: Our service is designed to be straightforward—no additional SEO services or support distractions. We focus on getting your new page up and running.
  • Hosting Included: The monthly fee encompasses hosting, freeing you from the concern of finding and managing a web host.

Why Choose Us?

This service is ideal for businesses seeking a direct replacement for their Google Business Site—especially those who value simplicity and efficiency over custom designs and ongoing support. It’s a perfect fit for small businesses, sole proprietors, and anyone looking to maintain their online presence without the complexities and costs associated with custom web development.

Making the Transition

Switching to our service is easy and straightforward:

  1. Reach Out: Contact us to express your interest and provide details from your current Google Business Site.
  2. We Get to Work: Our team promptly begins the process of creating your new landing page, ensuring a smooth transition.
  3. Go Live: With minimal downtime, your new page is set up, hosted, and ready to welcome your customers.


Don’t let the discontinuation of Google’s free websites disrupt your business’s online journey. Our £24/mo service offers a practical, efficient pathway to maintaining your online presence with a fresh, new landing page that keeps your business visible and accessible. Contact us today to secure your spot and effortlessly navigate this digital transition.

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Ready to maintain your online visibility without the hassle? Visit our website to learn more about our straightforward landing page service or get in touch to start the transition. Let’s ensure your business remains connected and engaged with your customers, seamlessly.

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