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Web Design

Professional Design 

Get professional, responsive/device independent (mobile-friendly) website design for your business. Responsive web design means you don't need a separate "mobile version" of your website. You just need one website that responds to the size of the screen it's being viewed on.

Adjust your browser window size or turn your phone on it's side to see responsive design in action.  
  • Device independent web design - the same website on a laptop, tablet and smart phone screen

Publish News

Run your site as an online newspaper 

Promote Events

Display and share your upcoming events 

Take Payments

Sell your products or services online
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Easy To Use & Manage Your Own Content

Enjoy the freedom of managing your own website content in-house with ease. Create user accounts for your staff team to edit and add to your website.

You can assign managers an administrative role, giving them access to add/remove users and edit all of the site content. While other staff might be assigned an 'editor' or 'author' role, only giving them access to what they need for the level of task they'll be assigned. 
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