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    To give you an accurate quote, we'll need a few details from you about your requirements. This form will expand and show more options as you go. If you'd prefer to speak to a person about this, you can contact Joe by telephone on: 01462 617193. This number is TPS registered (no marketing calls)

    1. Web DesignSearch Engine OptimisationAdvertising

    2. Web Design
    3. Let people know about my businessPublish regular updates in a feed, where new content pushes older content down the pageSell my products or services and take payments online

    4. 1Up to 15More than 15
    5. I already have a Google Analytics account. I will give you the code to embed in the new website and I will monitor the analytics myself.I would like you to create my Google Analytics account, but add me as a user so I can track the analytics myself.I don't have time to learn how to use Google Analytics but I would like you to provide me with regular reports on my site's performance.I do not need to monitor my website traffic or search engine performance.

    6. This is a new websiteThis website will replace my old website

    7. SEO
    8. LocallyGenerally

    9. Less than £500 per monthMore than £500 per month

    10. Up to 10,000Up to 25,000Up to 100,000

    11. Advertising
    12. FacebookInstagramTwitterLinkedInGoogle ads

    13. LocationInterestsAge bracketOther

    14. In-house by our own staff teamBy Bigwheel Web Design

    15. Less than £500 per monthMore than £500 per monthMore than £1000 per month

    16. Your Branding
    17. High-res logoParticular font/s (typeface/s)Colour scheme

    Joe Ferris (trading as)
    Bigwheel Web Design
    46 Western Way
    Letchworth GC
    SG6 4SJ

    Tel: 01462  617193
    (Customer queries only - no marketing calls. Number is TPS registered)