On-Page Optimisation


Optimising your pages for the correct keywords is an important first step in ranking in search engines. On-Page optimisation tells search engines what your pages are about.

Our On-Page Optimisation includes title tag, meta description, headers, URL, images and more. And we’ll do your keyword research to make sure we’re optimising for the best keywords that your customers are searching for.

We can even provide a ‘hands-free’ service, implementing all the changes on your website for you. We’ll then send a report on exactly what changes we’ve made. Or if you’d prefer not to give us access to your website, we can provide a report with instructions for you to implement the changes yourself.

Want to know more about on-page optimisation first? Maybe even save some money by getting started yourself? Have a look at part 3 of my series of articles I’m calling the ‘Free SEO Guide 2019‘.


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